high heels sandals for wedding

What Are the Best High Heels Sandals for Wedding Function in India? : Wedding Heels

high heels sandals for wedding function

Can’t wait to put on your wedding heels and dance your face off?

Choosing a perfect pair of wedding high heels is undeniably important for women. We can’t wait any more to provide you with the best high heels sandals for the wedding.

Indian Weddings are a great reflection of tradition, secularity, affection, and rituals – and Indian Women are popular in known for their unique, heavy, and charismatic attires.

To such captivating outfits, picking that RIGHT ONE pair of heels for a wedding always ring the alert bell of a woman’s brain!

Footwear Marketplaces are overloaded with the limitless collection for wedding heel sandals – anybody can feel suffocated and jumbled while making their best choice.

7+ Super Gorgeous High Heels for Wedding

We all know that nothing can make a woman happy more than comfortable and pretty wedding heels. GirlsHeels has a collection of gorgeous bridal heels that you will surely love to buy for the BIG DAY!

Let yourself gradually sink into the article whether it is your wedding or if you are going to attend a function, especially an Indian Function!

I promise you will find the given filtered collection as adorable as you!

Stiletto Wedding Heels

Stiletto Wedding Heels

Stiletto with little fascinating details and embroidery can make the entire wedding heels sandals stand out. It is the type that strikes the mind of every bride.

Honestly, we will say, stiletto might not be the most comfortable high heels however ladies, you can always insert cushioning and finest quality shoe inserts for helping you create the soft footrests.

Pump Heels for Wedding

Pump Heels for Wedding

Take our pretty opinion to look flashy and charming on Sangeet functions – Pump wedding high heels make a chic-like and boss lady.

Are you a Bride-To-Be? Choose the Pump heels for winning the tagline of an offbeat & funky bride of the year.

Ankle Strap Wedding Heels Sandals

Ankle Strap Wedding Heels Sandals

Look at these stunning wedding heels sandals that not only blend with the gorgeous bride but make her comfortable too! Ankle strap heels are both elegant and practical at the same time.

I mean your foot is completely secured by the straps that are super stylish and firm. Brides can rock their look with such high heels sandals by contrasting with lehenga.

Block Wedding High Heels

Block Wedding High Heels

For Indian functions like Mehandi and Haldi – the Brides and ladies need to wear something extremely obliging as they need to walk, dance, and do many tasks on the day!

Although high, the Block heels can be the perfect pick for ladies who seek comfort and support in their special heels for weddings.  Wear any outfit, Salwar – Suit, Lehenga-Choli, or Sarees; you are going to flatten the wedding scene.

Cone Wedding High Heels

Cone Wedding High Heels

Cone wedding heels are most voguish among any other kind of Indian wedding high heels – you can pull out any looks without much effort by having your feet in cone heels.

For the divine and Desi bridal looks, give your try to these most feminine high heels sandals for weddings, I promise you will fall in love at the first sight.

Platform Heels for Wedding

Platform Heels for Wedding

Platforms can be your cup of tea if you are wearing heels for the first time at your wedding. Girls love Platforms because they make you most comfortable than any other type of wedding shoes can ever do.

Women can add some extra inches with a pair of timeless platform wedding heels – they look perfect under the red bridal lehenga of the girl!

Wedge Wedding Heels Sandals

Wedge Wedding Heels Sandals

If you are having the wedding function outdoors or in a garden with soft soil and base – always, always go for wedges heels rather than pencil or sharp high heels.

Wedges equal comfort, we would say, pick wedges as your wedding heels only if you are a newbie or if you have an ever-lasting love for them.

Peep Toe Wedding Heels Sandals

Peep Toe Wedding Heels Sandals

Indian Functions are incomplete without women wearing Mehendi and dark attractive tones of Color Red – Peep toe wedding heels let your Nail paint and Mehendi visual in a most delightful manner.

Peep Toe with Kitten Heels compliments bridal and bachelor outfits delicately – feel beautiful inside out with this girly pair of dressy heels.

Tips for Wearing Function and Wedding High Heels

Even the jazziest and quality wedding heels sandals can make your feet feel like broken bones – and therefore every bridal or non-bridal girl has to have some quick smart tips on her mind for making high heels experience painless. 

Make use of shoe inserts even in wedding high heels

There is no magical formula to carry out the comfort and happiness with elegant high heels shoes other than inserting a well quality of soles. If someone is guiding you to add those gel soles under the feet, believe them.

Stick Bandage or Cotton Flannel for Blisters

You can cover the triggered spots with adhesive bandages and cotton flannels that aim to shield the fingers and toes from scratching to the high heel surface. It really can make a big difference.

Practice Walking in Wedding Heels Before the special day

Trust me, Girls! There is nothing worse than a girl wearing heels on her wedding day for the first time! Either do not wear them or just practice before the wedding day. It will help you feel much more comfortable than walking without even trying them on!

The Bottom Line

Because wedding high heels need to be supremely stable and relaxing – you can always trace back to us for re-learning the Art of Wedding Heels.

So Y’all set to BLOOM on your Wedding day? Ladies and Girls of any age can consider our collection of high heels for Indian Functions and can crack the boundaries of beauty & glooming.

You can comfortably dance around, and walk around in these bridal wedding heels sandals. If you are a bride – these fantastic and chunky heels will make you feel like a bride every time you have them on!

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