What Are Kitten Heels?

What Are Kitten Heels? : Benefits of Having Kitten Heels Sandals In Wardrobe.

What Are Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels are Timeless and Trendy.

A Kitten heel is a low heel about 1-2 inches tall and a slightly curved one at the bottom. It is preferred by women who want a fantastic and graceful look in heels. 

Their pointy toes make their shoes look more feminine. Women kitten heels are meant to be worn by high society ladies in past and are occasionally invented as royal heels.

Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, and Elizabeth are often seen in kitten heels. Some fashion influencers and designers aren’t putting on kitten heels as high as they should be. 

Some women like to wear high heels, but they turn down because of the fear of falling in high heels. For them, Kitten heels are classy and stylish at the same time. Indeed, not everyone has good taste!

How did the kitten heels become the lady’s love in the 20th Century?

The history of kitten heels belongs to the noble and royal kingdoms, where even kings wore kitten heels in the early 1990s. The heels were initially designed for men and then adapted by women. 

Firstly, kitten heels were introduced into western cultures so that adolescents could meet their requirements to wear comfortable heels. 

Later, kitten heels became their favorite and pushed aside the need for high heels.

In the late 1950s, young girls aged 14 to 15 started wearing kitten heels and sandals while stilettos were uncomfortable to wear. Then, these elegant heels grabbed the attention of everyone.

The boom increased when the actress Audrey Hepburn proudly wore those designs in the movie ‘Sabrina.’

The name ‘Kitten’ came from the young girls. As mentioned above, the purpose of a kitten heel was to train the slight step angle in heels. Little angles mean young girls, so named like kitten heels. Isn’t it cute?

Benefits of Having Kitten Heels Sandals In Wardrobe

Walking in high heels may be challenging to those who do not wear high heels daily. In such cases, Kitten heels are a fantastic way to go.

It helps you walk gracefully. Since the base of heels is low and comfortable for feet.

Wearing kitten heels is an excellent way of everyday styling; you can wear them with any kind of outfit, whether jeans, dress, shorts, trousers, or fancy dresses. They make you feel confident in walking.

The beauty of kitten heels is it look timeless and sober, whether you go for a formal meeting, at the office, at a party, or just to the supermarket, can go with it.

There are different types of heels are available in kitten heels style like ankle strap kitten heels, pumps with kitten heels, peep toe kitten heels, etc.

Kitten heels are Timeless – what’s more exciting?

People think that only high heels can be classy and attractive, ignoring that kitten heels are a complete delicate package of grace and elegance.

They are available in various styles and sizes through which you can perfect your appearance.

Bottom Lines

Kitten heels are evergreen and loved by many women out there. There are numerous reasons mentioned above why you should add kitten heels sandals in your wardrobes and how it became favorite since 20th century.

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